Super Plumber Run


Super Plumber Run GamePlay:

Super Plumber Run is a fun addicting game at You control a boy jumping and running. Pass through obstacles and demons such as perilous animals and explosives. Recharge your battery with Super Plumber Run game of ffrriiv. What about jumping for joy? Stay away from bombs and evil plants.

Super Plumber Run free game is a running and jumping game. You are a boy in the red hat. You just go ahead to continue your journey. You will walk on different terrains. Climb up and go downhill. You can jump on bars or jump over columns in ffrriiv games. There are so many dangerous creatures such as flying dinosaurs, rhinos, and toxic mushrooms.

If you bump into them, you die immediately. You can restart or use a green mushroom to respawn. You are given 3 green mushrooms which are equal to 3 lives. The game records the distance you go and your score. If you jump on monsters or mushrooms, you kill them and have many points. You dodge cogwheels and bombs. They can murder you. Jump high to avoid them on ffrriiv player games.

You collect gold coins to expend your asset. You use coins to buy bonuses and boost powers. If you want to have a giant form, you spend 300 coins. If you want to own a magnet, you spend 500 coins. To move with 2x multiplier, you use 500 coins. To have a big mushroom, you use 300 coins. A double jump costs 400 coins. A head start costs 200 coins.

Introduce this game to buddies and assess it. How do you feel about it? Give us your feedback and comments. Seek jumping games such as Elf Jumping and Subway Surf at


  • Use the mouse to play.
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