Super Brawl 2


Super Brawl 2 GamePlay:

Super Brawl 2 is an absorbing fighting game at You fight for your existence and dignity. Boost a warrior’s steel spirit. Create a series of combos when exchanging blows. Super Brawl 2 game takes you to places of interest and holds battles on jfriv. Knock opponents down. Who will be the terminator?


Super Brawl 2 free game is so great to play. You use fighting skills such as kick, beat, hit, jump, and punch to attack an opponent. You can block attack wave. 2 health bars show players’ life. When the health vanishes, that player loses the match. One super bar shows the power in jfriv games. If the super bar is full, you can make perfect movements. 


The game has 4 modes to enter. So exciting! They are arcade, tournament, tag team, and survival mode. In the arcade mode, you choose a character. Characters are Spongebob, Plankton, Sheen, Kitty Katswell, Sandy, Skipper, Monkey, Chum Chum, Otis, Bessie, and Jimmy Neutron. Select your opponent at jfriv player games. Next, pick a stage from flying dutchman’s ship, the chum bucket, forgotten temple, sandy’s dome, baseball’s field, zeenu, Petropolis, farmland, and central park zoo. You fight 2 matches to get gold stars. Each match lasts 80 seconds. 


After you win the arcade mode, you finish 10 tournaments to meet an evil strong rival. In the tag team mode, you choose a partner to make a team of two on jfriv online games. You and the companion will fight with opponents. In the survival mode, you fight enemies continuously. You play until you die. Let’ see how many opponents you can kick ass.


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  • Use the left and right arrow to move.
  • Use the up arrow to jump, down arrow to block.
  • Use up arrow and Z to jump attack.
  • Use double right arrow and X to have the special attack.
  • Use Z to kick and X to punch.
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