Super World Adventure


Super World Adventure GamePlay:

Inspired by legendary Super Mario, Super World Adventure is a great adventure game which brings you the same gameplay but a unique gaming experience. Are you ready for a new adventure? Let’s start. The game not only offers amazing gameplay but provides 100 levels which make the fun last for hours. Here at friv free games, your mission is to reach the flag in every level. To unlock the next level, you must finish the current one. Many obstacles and tricky enemies are waiting for you.

Like the original game, you must break the bricks with the icon of M to earn coins and collect mushroom which makes you become stronger. Mushrooms also give you an extra life. Your enemies vary in races such as turtles, snails and more. If you touch them, you lose a life. With only 3 lives in each level, you must be careful to get to the flag safely. If you don’t want to face enemies, just jump over them or you can jump on them to crush them. Sometimes, when a turtle is killed by you, you can use its shell as a weapon to defeat other evil creatures just by sliding it on the ground. That shell will knock out all enemies on its way.

Beat enemies collect coins and complete every level, there are so many interesting things await you ahead on Once again, let’s live an exciting adventure in the purest Mario Bros style here. You definitely have a great moment while playing. Enjoy more games that have attracted many players around the world come and play such as Minecraft Block Match and Draw-Play 3.

How to play: Use spacebar to jump and arrow keys to move.

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