Zombie Drive 3


Zombie Drive 3 GamePlay:

Zombie Drive free game is one of the additive racing game from Friv free collection this season. You have the important mission of killing off all the zombies using your car. Your car is equipped with the sharp spikes in front of the car to make it a deadly weapon. By hitting into the zombies, you will be able to kill them. The street at http://m.friv.land/ will be filled with zombies and some obstacles as well.

To prove your personal skills, let's drive your car on this zombie-filled street. How many zombies will you be able to hit? Don't forget to swirl left and right to find the glowing icons which are the props to help you. If your car is broken down, use the collected props to fix it and make your car go farther. Not only will you be able to survive longer with these extra props but you will also have stronger power.

In order to make it to the end of the road, the players should also steer clear of any dangerous obstacles along the way. You will also be able to improve the reflex and the driving skills. Many players around the world managed to conquer this quests with the longest time possible. Will you challenge yourself with this challenge as well? Learn some driving tips and use them in the other driving games such as Fast Drive and Monster Truck Driving

How to play: choose the direction and guide the car using the mouse.

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