Among Us Sea Adventure


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Among Us Sea Adventure is not an adventure game but a puzzle game where you have to pull the pins to solve the puzzles. You may have played several choices that have the same gameplay at Friv Land. However, they are all different. Have a try and you will love it, especially puzzle games are your favorite genre. The imposter drives a submarine to discover the ocean.

Unfortunately, he is grounded. Your mission is to lead water to his position and then he can keep moving. The submarine is an underwater vehicle, then it can’t move without water. To reach that goal, you have to pull the right pin in the right order to make water flow to the submarine. Of course, your mission is not just easy like that. You will face so many obstacles such as hot lava or monsters. If you pull the wrong pins, hot lava will flow to the submarine and make it blow up. With a wrong decision, you will free the monster and it will swallow the imposter.

On, that is what you have to avoid. You have to observe and think about what will happen if you pull out this pin or that pin if it helps you complete the puzzle or it ruins everything. Then, you will have the right decision. You don’t have any hints or helps here. It’s up to you to solve each puzzle successfully. Besides, it’s fine if you fail. You can have another try and in that time, you may succeed.

Each puzzle will put you in an unpredictable danger. Try your best to get out of it and have a great time. Don’t forget to explore other games such as Ollie Goes To School and Astronaut Us.

Instructions: Use your mouse to pull the pin.

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