Desert Run


Desert Run GamePlay:

During the trip to the desert, this car got lost and couldn't find its way back. The desert can be a dangerous place if you stay for too long or got lost. Therefore, Friv play 2018 needs some drivers with the best navigation skills and driving skills to take over the control of the car and move it to avoid those deadly obstacles. Making some swirls and drifts is the only way to avoid the trees and the cactus since they scatter densely around the map.

You can notice them by their outstanding green color. When you manage to reach 100 points, you will enter the endless mode of the game. However, before you reach 100 points, you can be eliminated anytime if you crash into the obstacles or go outside the map. It' the kind of game for the players who love a little bit of adrenaline rush and a little bit of adventure! Pay attention to the items lying around on the map as well, since you might gain some power and bonuses by collecting them.

For example, if you can pick up a protective shield, your car will be protected from exploding when crashing into the trees, which means that you can freely speed up and drive through all the objects. These kinds of features can be very advantageous for the new players at Speed will also be a crucial element in the driving games like Atv Quad Moto Racing and Zombie Drive 3 

How to play: change the direction using the left and right arrows.

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