Hoop Smash


Hoop Smash GamePlay:

Hoop Smash is a simple but challenging physics-based arcade game requires highly patience and accuracy. Don’t let its look fool you. It seems to be simples and as easy as cake but you may have to play a certain several times to win. The rule is straightforward. Smash through all the hoops to clear every level at free friv Games. To win each level, you control your bouncing ball smashing the hoops.

However, it isn’t easy as the bouncing ball comes in contact with each hoop at any point can break them. You must aim for the hoop’s weak point but how. Just look at its color. The weak point is indicated by the color. Each hoop is divided into 2 different shades of the same color which are the light one and dark one. The dark color is the weak point of the hoop. The hoops are rotating continuously.

You must time your click or tap preciously to smash the hoop. You can break multiple hoops at once if you are lucky and if you act quickly. By smashing many hoops at the same time, you will earn combos and more points on http://m.friv.land/. However, you should be careful because combos mean high risk. In the beginning, you should play slowly to get used to the gameplay by clearing just one or two hoops.

It’s fine. As you level up, the difficulty increases constantly. The higher the level, the more hoops you have to break, so be patient and take your time. Have fun! Enjoy more games with different gameplay on our site. Some great choices for you are Surgical Strike and Break The Rock.

Controls: Click or tap to smash your way to the victory.

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