Hungry Squirrel


Hungry Squirrel GamePlay:

Hungry Squirrel is a fun fast-paced game about a little squirrel who is about to starve right now. It hasn’t found any nuts for a long time and today is its lucky day because it’s a rain of nuts. Here at, our lovely squirrel doesn’t have to climb around to find nuts. Instead, it just needs to catch the nuts falling. And that’s why you are here. It needs your help to catch every single nut. It’s hungry.

Of course, nothing is easy. Falling with different kinds of nuts are bombs and deadly objects. If the squirrel catches one of those objects, it’s dead. You help the squirrel by moving it to the left and right. As time passes, it’s much more challenging to avoid deadly objects and catch the nuts. You have to be quick and accurate. Your ultimate objective is to get as many nuts as possible. A nut is one point.

Keep an eye on the screen because both you and the squirrel don’t have time to rest. Why? Because you have only 3 chances each game. Do you see 3 nuts at the bottom of the screen in this Friv online unblocked game? There are 2 almonds and 1 chestnut. If you miss 2 almonds and 1 chestnut, you have to restart the game. How many nuts can you catch with the squirrel? Will the squirrel fill its belly with delicious nuts or be blasted by bombs and so on?

It’s hard to tell. Just set a record each time you play and break it in the previous time you play. Good luck and check out other amazing games such as Poppy Playtime Adventures and Goblin Clan

Instructions: Mouse or right/left arrow keys.

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