Super Stacker 3


Super Stacker 3 GamePlay:

Easy but actually hard to master, let’s test your wisdom and skillful in stacking objects without falling down with Super Stack 3. It is a fun and challenging puzzle game in which your mission is to stack objects in different size and shape without making them fall down. Here at Friv3 2018, the game is divided into 4 packs. Each pack consists of levels. You will process from the first level to the last one. You should expect that the difficulty off the game increases as you level up. Each level lets you face a challenge.

In each level on, there are a different number of objects in different size and shape available in each level waiting for you to stack them up. You must consider the balance to stack each object on each object. This is a hard job because the given base is unique and the objects are also unique too. You will find it hard to deal with round objects because they're easy to roll and fall down while something like a square is easy because they're flat. It's important to create a firm basement. Besides, you can't change their order. They show up orderly, so you have to be careful.

Try to find the balance point and slowly stack the items up. This game is fun and enjoyable, suitable for all ages from kids to adults. Challenge your friends to see who is the better player and don’t forget to have more fun with Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines and Stickman Rise Up Escape.

Controls: Use your left mouse to stack objects.

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