Penguin Run 3D


Penguin Run 3D GamePlay:

Another endless runner game has just come as a new challenge for all of the players at play friv games. The endless runner gameplay may be too familiar and you may not find something interesting anymore but this one promises to bring you a fresh and unique experience. So why don’t you try out? it doesn't cost you anything but a little bit of time and you can move to other games on our site if it doesn’t suit your taste.

However, you won’t have that chance because it keeps you hooked. You may know that penguin is quite slow and they can’t fly but things have changed. The age of the fastest penguin has arrived and you are the one who makes it. Show everyone or all animals that you, a penguin can run as fast as anyone. On, you will run through the ice land and avoid the obstacles to have the longest adventure ever.

If you hit these ice giants, you will lose and it means you have to start from the beginning. While dashing through these barriers, you collect golden coins. Penguin also goes shopping, right? Go to the shop and buy some items like a hat, glasses, or necklaces to have an attractive appearance. Even you just run and it’s all about what you focus on, being beautiful is not something wrong. Discover this land of ice and let’s see how far you can go. Play several times to set a new record and break the previous one. Enjoy other awesome games such as Elf Defence and Bus Surfers 

How to play: Use your left and right arrow keys.

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