Revenge Of The Triceratops


Revenge Of The Triceratops GamePlay:

Life in the dinosaur world is hard. You are a lonely Triceratops - a herbivore. Here, food is rare. Animals hunt each other for meat and you are their target. In Revenge Of The Triceratops - an amazing shooting and survival game at friv4school 2019, you must fight for your life alone. Your enemies are too crowded, but you have to learn how to fight, how to survive in this brutal world. Luckily, you are equipped with various weapons. You can use them to shoot down those who are trying to hunt you.

You can switch into other weapons during the battle. Remember that you are alone while your enemies are too crowded, so you have to defend and attack at the same time. Run around the wild environment and turn back to shoot your enemies if you think it’s a perfect time, otherwise, keep running. Your ultimate goal on is to survive as long as you can. You have a limited of HP. If your enemies bite you, your health drop down. As you progress, new and improved weapons are unlocked. They help you dish out more damage.

This is the survival battle, so you must take advantage of every moment to kill your opponents before they attack you. Life is hard, but no one can stop you to live. It’s all up to you but others. So let’s fight to survive. Good luck! Test your survival skills and have fun with Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer and Pixel Royale Apocalypse.

How to play:

  • Arrow keys to move,
  • Spacebar to shoot.
  • M to use the next weapon.
  • N key to use the previous weapon.
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