Speeder Run


Speeder Run GamePlay:

Speeder Run is a simple yet enjoyable and challenging game in which you control an aircraft to fly through an endless runner tunnel full of obstacles. How far is your flight trip? Here at https://m.friv.land/, your ultimate objective is to go as far as possible. The game offers 4 stages and you have to get a certain number of stars in the previous stage to unlock the next one. You don’t have to collect stars during the flight or reach a certain point.

Instead, the number of stars you get depends on how far you fly. Your aircraft auto moves forward and what you do is to move it to the left and right, and the aircraft will move to the round of the tunnel. While flying, you can collect a lot of things such as glowing dots as points, some useful objects such as shields to protect the aircraft from hitting obstacles, or a special item that makes the aircraft slow down a little bit. As many games at friv4 school games, the difficulty increases over time as the flying speed will increase. As mentioned previously, you can’t control the aircraft’s speed. You can not make them slow down or speed up, or stop. Besides, the aircraft will explode when it crashes into an obstacle.

That’s why you should stay focused and be well-prepared all the time. Make use of power-ups to go safer and further. You don’t have to reach an exit or checkpoint or a destination to finish the current level. As soon as you go far enough and get enough stars, you can explore the next level. Enjoy your spare time here and don’t forget to check out other games such as Kei Superwoman 2 and Noob Steve Nether.

How to play: Left and right arrow keys.