Polyshapes GamePlay:

Polyshapes is a unique puzzle game that tests your observation skills in finding things. Here at friv Games for boys, you are presented with a screen full of different sorts of polygon shapes and an original shape located at the top of the screen in each level. Your main objective here is to find all polygon pieces that make a complete shape looks like the original one. This is hard because you have to look at a screen full of colorless shapes which can make you feel dizzy.

Besides, you have no clue or hint to help you out. You also don’t know what the original shape truly is. These things make you hard to recognize the targeted object. You don’t know how many polygon pieces in a shape and the position that shape is placed on the screen. All you need to do is to observe the whole game board and try to figure out the impossible pieces.

On http://m.friv.land, each level is different and all polygon pieces are placed differently in each puzzle. You have to try to imagine what the unpredictable shapes would be. It can be a heart, an ice-cream, a mushroom and more. These shapes seem to be complicated but it’s familiar and easy to guess. Guess first, then find it later.

How good are your eyes? Look at the game board and what you are looking for may pop up in your sight. Have fun and if you want to find any puzzle games that help you relax, you can find them on our site. You don’t need to waste your time to find anymore because you have 2 awesome options which are Oddbods Monster Truck Challenge and Super Crime Steel War Hero.

How to play: Left click to solve the puzzle.

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